So I got a parking ticket in downtown Boise last week.  And yup, it was my fault.  I left my car parked in a metered spot in front of my work building for a little too long.  I wasn’t thrilled, but I can’t really blame anyone else, can I?

Well, checking out the back of the ticket for info on how to pay the dang thing, I noticed that one can now pay off tickets by visiting  So I went there and sure enough, there’s a new function called “e-payment.”

“Woot!  I don’t have to write a check or call the dang place anymore,” I thought to myself.  (Not that I get tons of tickets, but I think I’ve gotten one once before forever ago.)  I filled out the information I needed to and clicked submit.  Then, whaddya know?  There’s a $2 service charge for paying online.  A two-freaking-dollar service charge on a $12 ticket!  Do you believe that?!  And what’s worse, they didn’t even mention it until the end.

Dear El,

Oops!  It appears, now that your transaction is nearly complete, you owe us 17% more money than you thought you did!  Sorrr-rrry.

City of Boise

At least I could’ve gotten the above mocking email to go with it.  Then I would’ve felt properly ripped off.


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